About Pia Viking

Pia Viking is a strong Colin Archer style double-ender built in Norway in 1984.

Initially we were 3 owners, but now we are only 2 left, and we bought Pia in 1999 for blue water cruising.

After a couple of years in Scandinavian waters, we took Pia on a trip to the Canary Islands, the Capo Verde Islands and the Carribean.

Pia is now back in Denmark, waiting for the next adventures to come.

Pia Viking is now for sale

After 6 fantastic years of cruising the Atlantic Islands and the Carribean, we now decided that it is time to sell Pia.

Pia is well suited for many purposes such as blue water cruising, live-aboard or just as a normal summer recreation vessel.

Although having a GRP hull she is
made mostly from wood so she needs dedication and at least some knowledge of how to handle a wooden boat.
If you're willing to put in some hours and dedication you will on the other hand get an extremely strong boat, making you feel very safe both in calm and strong winds.

About us

Mikael Borcher Petersen is wooden boat builder. He has his own company, based in Copenhagen, doing all kinds of high end, top finish wooden work and construcion work.

Dennis Nørholt is marine engineer, and is presently working as engineer for a marine diesel engine

During all the years we have been members of Danish Ocean Cruising Association, FTLF/DOCA, an organisation that has been of great help and assitance to us.
We highly recommend checking out their site before/during planning a long trip of your own: ftlf.dk